Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

– Wash Oil
– Flux Oil
– Industrial Lubricants
– High extreme pressure
– Lubricsnts
– Flushing Oil
– Degreaser
– Scale Inhibitors
– Anti cacking
– Anti dust
– Rust Remover
– Rust Inhibitors
– Cooling Water

@Grease Products:

Calcium Soap Grease; Aluminum Complex Soap Grease; Lithium Soap Grease; Lithium Complex Soap Grease; Urea Grease; Bentonite Grease; Mineral Oil Based Grease; Synthetic Oil Based Grease; Easter Oil based Grease; Polyethylene Glycol Oil Based Grease; Phenyl Ester Oil Based Grease; Silicone Oil Based Grease; Fluorinated Oil Based Greas



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