Refinery Palnt

Refinery Palnt

1- Naphtha 100, 150, 200, 250
2- Aromatics
3- Xylene, toluene
4- Base Oil
5- Diesel
6- kerosene

Waste and Off-Grade Manipulation

@Aromatics & Slop Oil Purification Unit
Products: Heavy Aromatics, Light Aromatics

@White Spirit Plant
Products: High Quality White Spirit Plant

@ Heavy glycol Separation Unit
Products: MEG, DEG, TEG

@BlacK Phenol Purification Unit
Products: High Quality White Phenol

@Slack wax Regeneration Unit
Products: High Quality Parrafin Oil

@Waste Lub Oil Regeneration Unit
Products: Base Oil SN150, SN300

@Waste Mud Treatment Unit
Products: Base Oil

@HFO Re-refinery Unit
Products: Aromatics



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