About Nespetro



We are Niluferbayan Company for Industry, Company divides into
Four main divisions
1- Petrochemical division, and it representes 65% from the annual income for the whole entity with a value around 200 millions Saudi Riyals annually. Where we are specialized in re-refinery petrochemicals wastes, and purify and separate byproducts heavy materials to regenerate it to high quality ones.
2- Specialty Chemicals division: Niluferbayan is a leader in all gulf area in manufacturing specialty chemicals which used in all industrial sectors " Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Drilling, Water treatment, Steel, Electrical, transportation Industries"
3- Medical Division: Nilumed is specialized in producing all antiseptics & Disinfectants for Hospitals, resturants, foods companies, etc...
4- Trading Division: Nilutrade is specialized in trading all chemicals which used in all industries sectors.



People have helped us to develop, produce and market innovative solutions that make a difference both to industry and to humanity At Nespetro we enable you to realize your ideas and make an impact.